Before we start with sorting algorithms let us first know what the word algorithm is meant.

What is an Algorithm?

The word algorithm is defined as a set of instructions that define how a job has to be done for reaching the expected results.

What is a Sorting Algorithm?

A sorting algorithm is a type of algorithm which is used to rearrange elements in a particular data structure based on the given requirement.

In this blog, we are going to see six major algorithms that are commonly used as sorting techniques.

Types of Sorting Algorithms:

Among the list Insertion, selection, and…

Flutter is an SDK that has been launched by google in 2017, it is based on the Dart programming language. The main purpose behind this launch is that Google wanted to bring all kinds of application development under one roof and make it simple and attractive, Over the past few years, this software has been growing among users and giving a tough fight to its competitor React Native designed by Facebook.

image source:

Why Flutter?

Now you may have a question of why we are choosing flutter for developing cross-platform applications. It is because of how it works backstage cause unlike other app development…

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